Make an Impact on Animals’ Lives

The world as we know is experiencing globalization, and it is much more interconnected than we might like to admit. But truth is, the very paper we use daily in our offices such as faxing papper, writing paper and any paper product, comes directly from the destruction of the trees, which is the main reason aFax came up with an online fax service that no longer demand papper.

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Giving Back Thru POS Fundraising

Recent studies show businesses that align with a cause translate into increased purchasing. Build your business’s brand recognition by supporting local/national Non-Profit organizations at the point of sale.

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The Bark Solution

Our solution prompts your credit card terminal to ask your customers to make a donation to your non-profit of choice. They may contribute set amounts ($1, $3, $10, etc...), round up to the nearest dollar. or choose not to give at all. Whatever is generated at each transaction will go toward supporting your non-profit of choice.

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